Nepali Full Contact


Update - 12th February 2015



New site has been lauchned...

Still some things to work on, but you can already have a peek at it.


This also means that a new division is about to take shape!

Still looking for a location, but already available for workshops in Antwerp & Limburg.



Update - 31st March 2014



Results have been updated...


We congratulatie Budokai-do Gent with their succes at the 3rd edition of Seishin's Belgian Open Weight Tournament.


Jean-Philippe Depoortere was able to get his feet onto the winners podium with 3rd place and in addition got the prize for best style.


Congrats JP!

And a big USO to the organisation!



Update - 4th March 2014



Results have been updated...


We congratulatie Budokai-do Koksijde with their succes in the youth categories.

Yassa Siddiqui (1), Asad Mohammad (1), Arsalan Mohammad (1) and Taha-Ali Wilayat (2) all took a prize home from the Belgian Open Kyokushin Championship 2014.

Budokai-do Gent took 1st prize with Jean-Philippe Depoortere at the Dutch Open Kyokushin Championship 2014 in the adult heavyweight class.


Congrats to all !







Update - 6th January 2014



Congratulations to Guru Michel of Budokai-do, Gent who passed the state certificate exams for both Instructor B & Trainer B module 1 of high-risk martial arts.









Budokai-do Belgium wishes you all the best for 2014 !!!


May you achieve all the goals you have set for this year !

Peter Aerts & Guru Michel



Update - 11th December 2013



Karuna Budokai-do, Gent is organising a self-defence seminar for ladies on 14/12 & 21/12...


Under the guidance of Guru Michel & a police inspector of PZG the ladies will see & practice simple but effective techniques that will enlarge the chances for them to escape a possible attack.





Update - 3rd August 2013



Karuna Budokai-do's Summer Tour 2013 is over and done...

A big succes and very much worth to do it again. The B.B.A. & Budokai-do Gent, thanks the participating clubs & members !!!



Update - 18th May 2013



Budokai-do Gent's Guru Michel Devos & Ladako Jean-Philippe Depoortere enjoyed the Peter Aerts seminar, provided by owner of Siam Gym, Bruno Derijcke.


Siam Gym, who also agreed to the 'club-hopping' concept for June, suggested by Guru Michel Devos.

Other clubs whom already agreed are:




Update - 4nd May 2013



Budokai-do Gent did good at Stamina Dojo's 2013 edition of the 'Beker der Kempen'.

Senne Schauvliege got a first place at the -9 year old and Jean-Philippe Depoortere lost 3rd place in the quarter-finals.


Good effort for both, since they did what they trained for...



Update - 2nd May 2013


The moving of the Karuna's old website from the main domain has started...fingers crossed!


Publishing the new website for the B.B.K.A. will follow soon @

Also editing the old Karuna facebook group to the new BBKA facebook page.


Update - 23rd April 2013


The Belgian Budokai-do Nepali Full Contact Assosiation working on a much needed, updated, brand spanking new website. A special thanks to Guru Michel Devos for taking the time and assemble all data from past years.


All Budokai-do Belgium sites are now available through our sub-domain links:



Hope you like the change !