Nepali Full Contact


Maha Guru


Nepali Allround Full Contact

Origin : Nepal

Founder : Sagar Shreshta

Title : Maha Guru

King Dragon

Budokai-do is an allround full contact style developed in Nepal and introduced to the rest of the world from Knokke-Heist in Belgium by Maha Guru Sagar Shresta.

Budokai-do is a unique martial style adapted to cope with real life situations, increasing speed, accurate delivery of kicks and blows, whilst at the same time improving confidence, concentration and inner strength.


It covers close combat, groundfight, self-defence, competition-, breaking techniques and more...


Developed & perfected to avoid head-on confrontations, focusing more on ducking, avoiding, striking from the side & back and moving in circles and half circles.


As the techniques were perfected, more injuries occured during training. In these times people practiced as real fights, without control...less and less students were willing to continue as the techniques grew more efficient.


The aim of the teachings of Budokai-do is to enable anyone, big, small, strong or weak, to defend themselves and a teaching method that allowed intensive training without injuries.




The tactic of Budokai-do consists of avoiding the attacks of the opponent, bring him out of balance and eliminate him as fast as possible, thus giving him no chance.


The fighting symbolism is also expressed in the Kandu with the moon standing for fighting in half circles, the sun for fighting in full circles, the four directions for fighting in four angles: countering (Kandu Hanne) in full and half circles you are able to hit in four directions. The fighting is done in circles and the centre point is immobilizing on the ground.



Unlike many martial arts, Budokai-do keeps evolving over the years.

This way the techniques remain effective and new movements can be incorporated.


The training teaches effective self-defence techniques as fast as possible.

It includes partner training, training with kick bags, locks, strangleholds etc.


Teaching efficient methods in fighting stance, learning to move swiftly and adequately, which encourages the student and leads him to calm confidence.